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Konoba Skala Santa

Adresa: Scala Santa Kotor, Old city Montenenegro

Mesto: Kotor

Zemlja: Crna Gora

Mobilni: +382 69 50 90 94

Telefon: +382 32 322 736



Dear visitor,

First of all we wish you a warm welcome to our restaurant (konoba) which is located inside walls of old city of Kotor.

Konoba Scala Santa kept authentic ambient which was one century ago and when you step inside you will certainly feel that ambient.

Ambient of ancient times and rich history of this city and people who lived here.

Each item which is inside is collected during years and years so our konoba is not only restaurant, it is unique place and very important tourist attraction.

Food and drink are another story.

Here, inside of this walls preparing fish is something which is passed on from generation to generation, from father to son.

We can offer you traditionl menu and best vines.

Every night is live guitar music.

Our working time is from 12.00 to 24.00

We can offer you unique ambient, good menu and warm and welcome service, in that name recive best wishes and we hope that you will through our photo galleries feel a small part of ambient inside our resturant and we invite you to come and visit us.

Konoba Scala Santa



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